About us

Our store takes care of children. We are only interested in ergonomic, physiological carrying for children, for their safety and convenience! In our store we offer baby carriers from the following companies:
  • TeddySling. This company holds 3 carrier construction patents. Thanks to the patented adjustment of carrier back (LUX model), the TeddySling baby carrier is ideally suited for both a 4-month old baby and 3-year toddler. One of the main features of these baby carriers (LUX model) is semicircular anatomical shoulder straps that allow it to be worn in a parallel or crossed way. Baby carriers are made from high-quality 100% cotton and reliable fasteners.
  • MB_Design is similar to ErgoBaby 3-position baby carrier, but with useful functional improvements and exclusive design! MB_Design baby carriers are made of high-quality 100% cotton and reliable Duraflex fasteners from extra strong polyamide (all materials are certified). The main feature of MB_Design is stunning embroidery.


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